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Blog Posts in 2012

  • 23-Oct-2012

    Broward County Teen Sentenced to 20 Years for Beating Girl

    Wayne Treacy could have been like every other teenage boy, preoccupied with school, sports, and girls. Yet a rash decision earlier this year changed his life forever, and he will now spend up to 20 years behind bars after being accused of assault. ...
  • 15-Oct-2012

    Police Hunt for Coach that Punched Referee During Peewee Game

    Some people are arrested for serious crimes like murder or robbery, but others may be hauled off to jail for merely punching an irritating referee at a little league football game. According to the New York Daily News the police are looking out for a ...
  • 17-Sep-2012

    Florida Laws Regarding Video Voyeurism

    Video Voyeurism is the crime of setting up a video camera to capture people dressing, undressing, or exposing their private parts without their knowledge in a place where the victims would have reason to believe that they are entitled to privacy. ...
  • 11-Sep-2012

    Football Season Leads to Loyal Fan Violence

    Some people tend to take sports too far, as was evidenced in Palm Beach, Florida this week. With the advent of the 2012-2013 football season, many men and women are getting out their team jerseys and organizing Monday night football parties so that ...
  • 30-Aug-2012

    Palm Beach Principal on Leave After DUI Arrest

    Sharon Robinson Stevens is supposed to be an example to the hundreds of children that are at her school, but her arrest on Friday night for driving under the influence may have ruined her reputation. The Palm Beach County School District says that ...
  • 23-Aug-2012

    Airline Agent in Fort Lauderdale Robs Child

    Airline agents are supposed to aid minors who are flying by themselves by escorting them to and from certain terminals in the airport. Often parents can arrange for their child’s in-flight and airport assistance, especially if the child needs ...
  • 14-Aug-2012

    Fugitive Siblings Want Separate Trials

    Three siblings chose to rob a bank in Valdosta, Georgia and sparked a wild chases that ended in a shooting in Colorado. The Dougherty children began their line of crime in Florida and ensued in a country-wide spree that has been closely followed by ...
  • 9-Aug-2012

    Florida's Traffic Camera Law

    Traffic laws are instated to promote public safety—or so lawmakers say. The newest innovation to uphold these laws is the traffic red light camera. These cameras are designed to take pictures of motorists who are breaking traffic laws by ...
  • 7-Aug-2012

    FBI on the Lookout for Suspects in Citibank Robbery

    On August 2 nd, 2012, a man burst into a Citibank in the Fort Lauderdale area and demanded the cash in the room. In a classic bank robbery attempt, the man demanded money from a flustered employee, who handed him an unknown amount of cash. The man ...
  • 3-Aug-2012

    Fake Ecstasy in Florida

    The United States has strict drug laws—laws that are often much more stringent than those in Europe and around the world. Whether or not these laws actually help the drug situation is a topic of fierce debate. Many Americans are arguing to ...
  • 31-Jul-2012

    9 Arrested in Florida for Assaulting Off-Duty Officers

    Assaulting an officer is a serious crime, whether or not the officer is wearing his badge at the moment. In Orlando, Florida nine people were recently arrested when they assaulted to police officers who were making some extra money by working ...
  • 16-Jul-2012

    Driver Arrested for First-Degree Murder After Hitting Family with SUV

    In West Palm Beach, a disastrous accident has turned into a criminal case after Diego Pascual was accused of purposely hitting a family in the area. The charged offender was linked with the killing of one woman and injuring another four people when ...
  • 6-Jul-2012

    Welcome to our Palm Beach Criminal Defense Blog

    Our attorneys are pleased to announce the launch of our Palm Beach Criminal Defense Blog with an RSS feed available here.


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