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Probation Violations

Probation Violations

What are the consequences?

Probation time is allowed to some individuals in lieu of extended jail time. As such, it is expected that these individuals strictly follow the conditions set forth in the terms of their probation, which are usually monitored by a designed probation officer. Failure to adhere to any one of the many stipulations of a probationary period could result in harsh penalties, including being sent back to jail. In general, persons on probation are forbidden from possessing firearms; they are expected to promptly abide by a designated curfew; they may be ordered to maintain employment; they will be directed to live at a predetermined dwelling; and they will be mandated to follow the orders of their probation officer. Failure to do any one of these could result in legal attention being paid to the claims of probation violation that may be brought against you by your probation officer.

Probation officers have the right to imprison the individual under their care if probationary orders were violated in any way. The defendant will be requested to prove in court their innocence, and when this cannot be done the officer may be awarded jurisdiction on how to proceed from there. In many cases, this may mean that an officer will request for additional probation conditions to be imposed and/ or extended; it could also mean that the probation officer will rule in favor of having the probationer return to jail for a set amount of time. While no specific rules exist as to what constitutes a violation hearing, in general circumstances in which a probationer fails to report to their officer and circumstances involving conviction of a subsequent offense will almost always call for a probation violation hearing.

"Will I be sent to jail?"

The facts of the original offense will go into making an ultimate decision about what should be done if a violation of probation is made. Offenses that originally led to the probation sentence will be reviewed upon violation of the probationary period, and the more serious the crime, the more serious your probation violation sentence is likely to be. In either scenario, you can safely assume that being accused of violating your probation will not be looked upon favorable in the courts. Therefore, you stand your best chance at a favorable sentence when you hire our firm.

With the help of an associate at our firm, the criminal defense tactics you need to help reduce the potential consequences of your probation violation will be delivered in spades. It is our ultimate goal to see to it that our clients are treated fairly under the law even though they are facing criminal charges. We have worked tirelessly in the defense of thousands of cases, many of which have been met with success. When you are looking for tried and true legal representation to defend you in court, there should be no question about contacting an associate at Parks & Braxton, PA.

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