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There is no telling just how severe the effects of a criminal conviction may be. However, there are steps that can be taken to prevent a conviction from ever being made, and the most important of these steps is acquiring a Palm Beach criminal defense attorney from our firm to represent your case. In total, our law office houses more than 50 years of experience in the field of criminal defense law and our legal skills have been featured on The Today Show, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNBC, MSNBC, and Fox News. Together, we have created a firm that focuses on the most pertinent skills that each of our attorneys individually brings to the firm, and the personal attributes of each of our attorneys. We have defended clients successfully in thousands of cases, and we are never afraid of putting up a fight on behalf of our clients. Not only are our criminal defense skills top notch, but we are also truly dedicated to the art of defending a DUI case.

Attorney Michael Braxton:
Mr. Braxton is well known among the legal field for his experience in DUI law. In fact, some might say that he has perfected the art of winning DUI cases in the state of Florida. He has lectured at several seminars throughout the state, and hundreds of lawyers and legal professionals alike have benefitted from the knowledge he has to offer on how to handle cases of this nature. Attorney Braxton began his legal career as a Public Defender in Tampa and continued on as a partner at the law firm of Essen & Essen et al. While Mr. Braxton's expertise lies in the area of DUI law, he has played an integral role in winning the cases of thousands more Floridians who have been charged with other criminal offenses, from minor traffic infarctions to accusations of murder. The attorney has been publicly acknowledged for his writing, and several pieces have even been published at the national level, including "Unlawful Police Stops" and "Excluding Breath, Blood, and Urine Results." Since receiving his law degree from Nova Law Center in 1993, Mr. Braxton has been admitted to practice in the states of Florida and New Jersey and he plans on continuing to do so for many years to come.

Attorney Andrew Parks:
Mr. Parks received his law degree in 1995 from Hofstra University School of Law in New York. He began his career as a prosecutor for the Broward County State Attorney's Office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida . He then went on to practice law as the youngest lawyer to ever become partner at Essen & Essen et al. In his years of practice, Mr. Parks has established a reputation of notoriety within the legal field of criminal defense, having tried more than 100 cases and favorably obtained a number of motions to dismiss. As they apply to DUI law, his skills are so desirable that the attorney has been requested to speak at seminars throughout the state and his arguments have been published as front-page news on the national DWI Journal. In total, Mr. Parks has been practicing law for more than 15 years, and he does not plan to stop any time soon.

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