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Broward County Teen Sentenced to 20 Years for Beating Girl

Broward County Teen Sentenced to 20 Years for Beating Girl

Posted By Posted By Parks & Braxton || 23-Oct-2012

Wayne Treacy could have been like every other teenage boy, preoccupied with school, sports, and girls. Yet a rash decision earlier this year changed his life forever, and he will now spend up to 20 years behind bars after being accused of assault. Treacy approached a middle school girl at a bus stop and attacked her violently, beating her to the ground and causing excessive damage. He wore steel-toed boots at the attack and kicked his victim before slamming her head into the concrete. Treacy was only a freshman when he committed the attack. According to the Miami Herald, Treacy targeted his victim before he had even met her.

His girlfriend had borrowed Josie Lou Ratley’s phone to send her boyfriend a text message. Once Josie Lou received her phone back, she sent a message informing Treacy that she didn’t approve of his relationship with her friend. Abusive messages flew back and forth, until Josie Lou made a taunting remark about Treacy’s brother who committed suicide. Treacy informed Josie Lou that he would “strangle the life out of her” and then texted other friends to inform them of his plan to hurt Josie Lou. While the text message battle was heated and hurtful, many believed that the high school students would eventually leave it alone.

Yet Treacy donned his steel toed boots and marched to the middle school where Josie Lou attended, waiting for her to emerge from class and head towards the bus. Because Treacy had never met, he had his then-girlfriend point the girl out to him. He then attacked her, causing her to have permanent brain damage and memory loss. A teacher pulled Treacy off of the girl before he could do more harm. Treacy will now spend 20 years in jail for the horrific attack. If you have been arrested for a juvenile crime then you will want a hardworking attorney on your side to defend you in court. Contact Parks & Braxton if you need more information!


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