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Fugitive Siblings Want Separate Trials

Fugitive Siblings Want Separate Trials

Posted By Posted By Parks & Braxton || 14-Aug-2012

Three siblings chose to rob a bank in Valdosta, Georgia and sparked a wild chases that ended in a shooting in Colorado. The Dougherty children began their line of crime in Florida and ensued in a country-wide spree that has been closely followed by the press. Now that they have been caught, the Dougherty children want to each have a separate trial. The three have been indicted in a Georgia jail on bank robbery and firearm charges.

They have also pleaded guilty to Colorado charges. Ryan Dougherty was given 18 years for those charges, Lee Grace Dougherty was given 24 years, and Dylan Stanley-Dougherty was given 32 years. The siblings face charges in Florida after their Georgia trials for shooting a police officer during a high-speed chase. According to Florida Today Lee Grace Dougherty worked as an exotic dancer in Cocoa Beach and lived on Merritt Island with her boyfriend’s parents.

If the team is tried separately, it makes it so that they can each be evaluated individually for the actual actions that they committed. If the siblings are charged as a group, then they will all be responsible for each other’s crimes, which could end in a larger sentence for all three. Chances are that once the sentences have been served, the Dougherty children will spend almost all of their lives in prison.

If you are charged with bank robbery, shooting at a police officer, or firearm offenses, then you will want a criminal defense lawyer on your side to help you through your trial. At Parks and Braxton, we understand that you may be innocent of your charges. You are probably terrified of that the future holds, and are wondering if your life will be reduced to a prison sentence at the time of your trial. We will do everything in our power to avoid letting that happen. Talk to us today to gain representation in your criminal trial!


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