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  • 15-Oct-2012

    Police Hunt for Coach that Punched Referee During Peewee Game

    Some people are arrested for serious crimes like murder or robbery, but others may be hauled off to jail for merely punching an irritating referee at a little league football game. According to the New York Daily News the police are looking out for a ...
  • 14-Aug-2012

    Fugitive Siblings Want Separate Trials

    Three siblings chose to rob a bank in Valdosta, Georgia and sparked a wild chases that ended in a shooting in Colorado. The Dougherty children began their line of crime in Florida and ensued in a country-wide spree that has been closely followed by ...
  • 16-Jul-2012

    Driver Arrested for First-Degree Murder After Hitting Family with SUV

    In West Palm Beach, a disastrous accident has turned into a criminal case after Diego Pascual was accused of purposely hitting a family in the area. The charged offender was linked with the killing of one woman and injuring another four people when ...


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Case #State V. P.V. The defendant was charged with domestic aggravated assault and aggravated stalking. The defendant received no jail, no prison, and no felony conviction on his record. View All Wins
Case #State V. J.J. The defendant was charged with three counts of battery by strangulation. He was facing Florida State prison time if convicted. The defense got all charges dismissed prior to the case even entering the justice system. View All Wins
Case #State V. M.M. The defendant was charged with felony possession of cocaine. It was found in her purse after being arrested for DUI. The defendant received no felony conviction, no jail, no probation and no two year driver's license suspension. View All Wins