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  • 7-Mar-2013

    Palm Beach Local Arrested for Stealing Pills from Mom

    A 50-year-old mom was recently arrested at Palm Beach International Airport after he tried to go through security carrying hundreds of prescription pills that he stole from his mother. According to The Palm Beach Post, the middle-aged man was stopped ...
  • 3-Aug-2012

    Fake Ecstasy in Florida

    The United States has strict drug laws—laws that are often much more stringent than those in Europe and around the world. Whether or not these laws actually help the drug situation is a topic of fierce debate. Many Americans are arguing to ...


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Case #State V. M.M. The defendant was charged with felony possession of cocaine. It was found in her purse after being arrested for DUI. The defendant received no felony conviction, no jail, no probation and no two year driver's license suspension. View All Wins
Case #State V. P.V. The defendant was charged with domestic aggravated assault and aggravated stalking. The defendant received no jail, no prison, and no felony conviction on his record. View All Wins
Case #State V. J.J. The defendant was charged with three counts of battery by strangulation. He was facing Florida State prison time if convicted. The defense got all charges dismissed prior to the case even entering the justice system. View All Wins