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Airline Agent in Fort Lauderdale Robs Child

Airline Agent in Fort Lauderdale Robs Child

Posted By Posted By Parks & Braxton || 23-Aug-2012

Airline agents are supposed to aid minors who are flying by themselves by escorting them to and from certain terminals in the airport. Often parents can arrange for their child’s in-flight and airport assistance, especially if the child needs to transfer planes while flying to and from destinations. When parents are divorced, they will procure a specific agent to always look out for their child and make sure that he or she doesn’t miss a flight. But recently at a Fort Lauderdale airport, an agent helped herself to her little charge’s wallet, rather than helping him to get to his plane.

11-year-old Andre DeShong was flying from Fort Lauderdale to New York all by himself. His parents had equipped him with a small pouch around his neck. Inside was his ID, a boarding pass, and a wallet with $200 in cash. The little boy’s father walked him all the way to his seat on the plane and then left him to make the trek up. A gate agent boarded the plan just after Andre’s father left and took the pouch. The young boy says that he assumes the woman saw his wallet when she was taking his boarding pass. He arrived in New York without his wallet, and contacted his father immediately. The angered dad called 911, and Marsha Hendry was caught on a surveillance video. The woman was suspended from her job at JetBlue airlines almost immediately.

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