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Florida's Traffic Camera Law

Florida's Traffic Camera Law

Posted By Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 9-Aug-2012

Traffic laws are instated to promote public safety—or so lawmakers say. The newest innovation to uphold these laws is the traffic red light camera. These cameras are designed to take pictures of motorists who are breaking traffic laws by driving through red lights. When Florida first instated the traffic camera law, it was done under the claim that safety was a top priority. These cameras were supposed to deter violations that put drivers at risk.

Now it has become clear that safety was never the primary motivation behind these cameras. Rather, Florida officials were interested in the revenue it would produce. This revelation has come as Brooksville, Florida discloses that it will no longer be using the cameras after the state’s traffic law about right turn on red law changes. It used to be that turning right on a red without first coming to a full stop was illegal. Now, as long as a driver exercises caution and discretion, they can turn on red without coming to the full stop.

The problem is that the traffic cameras were primarily catching these particular offenses. In the city in question—Brooksville—the cameras had handed out 5,477 tickets. Of these tickets, 3,334 were for right turn on red violations. Now that this move is no longer considered illegal, more than half of these tickets will be done away with. This means that the city will make significantly less profit off of these cameras.

As it stands, the state charges $83 on a ticket that the camera will dole out. The vendor who owns and operates the camera receives $40 dollars. After all extra fees are paid, the city ends up being left with a meager $35. Apparently this is not enough revenue for the city. With less tickets being handed out and little real money being made of the existing tickets, Brooksville has expressed its disinterest in the red light camera program—clearly admitting the real desire behind the politicians push for these cameras.

If you have been charged with a traffic violation, whether it is a simple ticket, a reckless driving charge, or an open container accusation, you can fight back. It is the responsibility of the police to prove that you are guilty of the charges they have laid against you. If you pay your ticket, you are essentially admitting to your guilt. This can end up on your record and follow you for the rest of your life. Instead, work with a traffic defense lawyer who can defend you and your rights. At Parks & Braxton PA, we are dedicated to fighting for you. As former prosecutors we know a traffic case from both sides of the argument.


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