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9 Arrested in Florida for Assaulting Off-Duty Officers

9 Arrested in Florida for Assaulting Off-Duty Officers

Posted By Posted By Parks & Braxton || 31-Jul-2012

Assaulting an officer is a serious crime, whether or not the officer is wearing his badge at the moment. In Orlando, Florida nine people were recently arrested when they assaulted to police officers who were making some extra money by working security at a club. The arrests happened on Sunday morning when a group of woman tried to reenter the club without paying the charge fee. The women claimed that they had already paid and had to leave and come back.

When the officers said that they would need to pay the entrance fee, they got angry and instigated an argument. A group of men that were exiting the club noticed the scuffle and got involved. They argued that the women should be let in. One of them men, assumedly intoxicated, punched a police officer while another man tried to take one of the guard’s batons and gun. The law-enforcement officers issued arrests, and are charging four of the criminals with battery on a law-enforcement officer. Five others were charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. One of the men was also charged with depriving an officer of his means to communicate when he took his radio from his belt.

The defense will probably argue that the officers were not on duty when the confrontation occurred, but the cases will be difficult. In actuality, it doesn’t matter whether or not an officer is on-duty when you assault him or her. Any sort of defying of authority can be prosecuted using very serious measures. You could end up with fines and jail time if you choose to deny a police officer or attack him or her in retaliation. Talk to a criminal defense lawyer in the Palm Beach area if you have been charged with assaulting a police officer and need representation in court!


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