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Blog Posts in September, 2012

  • 17-Sep-2012

    Florida Laws Regarding Video Voyeurism

    Video Voyeurism is the crime of setting up a video camera to capture people dressing, undressing, or exposing their private parts without their knowledge in a place where the victims would have reason to believe that they are entitled to privacy. ...
  • 11-Sep-2012

    Football Season Leads to Loyal Fan Violence

    Some people tend to take sports too far, as was evidenced in Palm Beach, Florida this week. With the advent of the 2012-2013 football season, many men and women are getting out their team jerseys and organizing Monday night football parties so that ...


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Case #State V. P.V. The defendant was charged with domestic aggravated assault and aggravated stalking. The defendant received no jail, no prison, and no felony conviction on his record. View All Wins
Case #State V. M.M. The defendant was charged with felony possession of cocaine. It was found in her purse after being arrested for DUI. The defendant received no felony conviction, no jail, no probation and no two year driver's license suspension. View All Wins
Case #State V. J.J. The defendant was charged with three counts of battery by strangulation. He was facing Florida State prison time if convicted. The defense got all charges dismissed prior to the case even entering the justice system. View All Wins