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Police Hunt for Coach that Punched Referee During Peewee Game

Police Hunt for Coach that Punched Referee During Peewee Game

Posted By Posted By Parks & Braxton || 15-Oct-2012

Some people are arrested for serious crimes like murder or robbery, but others may be hauled off to jail for merely punching an irritating referee at a little league football game. According to the New York Daily News the police are looking out for a Florida resident who was coaching a pee-wee football team and got a little too into the game. The coach was upset when a referee made an unfair and seemingly biased call. He ran across the field and decked the referee in the face at the small park football field near Fort Lauderdale.

The referee told police later that he called the game a forfeit after the West Park Saints’ assistant coach made some nasty remarks from the sidelines. That assistant coach, Dion Robinson, then pushed the referee and was held back before breaking free and punching him in the face. The referee fell to the ground after the blow, but did not need medical attention. The brawl was posted on YouTube by a witness who recorded it on his cell phone. The police are now searching for Dion Robinson and intend to charge him with assault.

If you let your emotions get the best of you and recently punched a referee or another person at a sports game, then you can be charged with assault as well. This charge could mean jail time and steep fines. According to the Florida Criminal Statute §784.011, assault is a second degree misdemeanor which has the maximum penalty of up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine. If a person is convicted of aggravated assault, it is a third degree felony with a maximum penalty of5 years in jail and a $5,000 fine. Talk to a criminal defense lawyer in the area today if you have been charged with assault or aggravated assault and want defense in court for your crime.


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