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Drug Crimes

Palm Beach Drug Crime Attorney

Possession, Trafficking and Other Offenses

Drug crime allegations can be a misdemeanor or felony offense. In addition, they can be offenses tried at the state level or the federal level. Depending on the nature of the act committed, as well as the substance being used, any number of accusations can be made which will require aggressive criminal defense skills in order to fight against the slanderous allegations that have been enacted against you. In all of the nation's states, it is considered a crime to use, manufacture, distribute, or even possess illegal substances classified as drugs. Therefore, no matter what the circumstances of the drug crime allegations that have been made in your name may entail, there can be no denying the fact that you will need serious legal defense on your side as you work to challenge the accusations that have been made in your name.

From drug cultivation to trafficking and sales, there is nothing stopping you from being arrested by state law enforcement officers eager to identify potential Florida criminals. The same is often true for judges, jury panels, and the like; all who seem to lean towards the tendency of convicting when drug crime allegations have landed a defendant in court and on trial for a criminal offense. In order to protect yourself against an unfair conviction or a sentencing that is too harsh, you need to retain the legal services of our firm. In this way, you will stand the best possible chance of being acquitted or having your sentencing reduced.

Illegal Narcotic-Related Crimes

Drug cultivation occurs when an individual grows or produces illegal substances such as marijuana. The higher the amount that is present, the greater the charges will be. Typically, individuals who are found cultivating an illegal substance do so with the intent to sell, but even if they can prove that was not their intention they will still be up against serious charges.

The distribution of drugs can include the sale, delivery or transportation of any kind of illicit drug. It can be considered a misdemeanor offense or even a first-degree felony depending on the factors involved. A conviction could land you in jail for a number of years.

If you are found with any type of illegal drugs in your possession, then you can be charged and criminally prosecuted in the state of Florida. Possession drug offenses can be considered a misdemeanor or a felony offense depending on circumstances such as the amount and type of drug in your possession.

Possession for Sale
If you are caught with a high amount of drugs, packaging materials such as baggies or the drugs are packaged in a certain manner, you could be suspected of possessing the drugs for sale. A charge of this kind will be substantially higher that simple possession charges.

Prescription Fraud
Recognized as a rapidly growing drug crime, prescription fraud is even being found among many average citizens with no past record. Some may have become addicted to a prescription medicine while others may be looking to sell the drugs that have been prescribed to them. When a prescription is not used in the way the prescribing doctor intended it to be, it is viewed as illegal and can be punished as such.

Of all drug crime offenses, those related to the sale of an illegal substance are among the most heavily punished in the state of Florida. No matter what type of drug is found in your possession, if it is determined that your intent was to sell the substance to one or more other persons, you could be facing serious penalties.

The drug trafficking industry around the world is widespread. Due to the location of Florida, it can be easier to traffic drugs in and out of the state. To handle the large problem present in the state, the government is frequently increasing the measures used against “offenders.”

Types of Illegal Drugs

Possession of cocaine is classified as a third degree felony. The sale of cocaine is a second degree felony and trafficking cocaine is categorized as a first degree felony. You can face up to life in jail for a conviction involving cocaine.

Crack is a form of cocaine that is highly addictive, providing an intense high for those that use it. While cocaine can come as a powder, crack is a rocklike form that can be heated and smoked. Those found with crack can be charged for any number of crimes, including trafficking or possession for sale.

Crystal Meth
Methamphetamines are extremely addictive and can have a substantial effect on the central nervous system, causing harmful effects that can remain present for years after it has been used. The use of crystal meth can be associated with violent crimes, thus increasing the efforts of law enforcements officers to eradicate it.

Recreational use of ecstasy, also referred to as MDMA, is widespread. It is considered a Schedule I drug by the government under the Controlled Substances Act. Those who consume ecstasy can have hallucinations along with many negative side effects.

Heroin is considered a Schedule I drug by the government because of the high potential for abuse that this drug possesses, as well as the lack of medical assistance it offers. Those found possessing or distributing a Schedule I drug such as heroin will be up against a serious conviction.

Marijuana is widely used for both medicinally and recreationally. Without a prescription from a doctor, marijuana use is illegal. Your involvement with this type of drug and the amount in your possession will be used to determine the ultimate verdict that is issued in your case.

Also known by the name phencyclidine, PCP was originally used as an anesthetic but has now been used by many for recreational purposes. A sentence can result in a felony on your criminal record. The minimum charge for trafficking PCP is 3 years in prison with a fine of $50,000.

What To Do Next

If you are formally found guilty of the drug crime allegation that was set against you then you could be facing hefty fines, substantial jail time, community service hours, and more. These are consequences that no one wants to face and, fortunately, we know what it takes to prevent our clients from incurring such damaging and life-altering penalties. One of our lead attorneys, Mr. Parks, began his career as a prosecutor for the Broward County State Attorney's Office, so he knows what it takes to present a viable challenge in prosecution cases of any nature, drug crimes included.

You should not wait to obtain defense if you are facing drug crime allegations in the state of Florida, as a conviction could result in harsh penalties. At Parks & Braxton, PA we know how to defend against allegations of this nature. In fact, we have done so successfully on many occasions. When it comes to representing the criminally accused, no case is too great or small and we will be by your side in the representation of minor possession charges all the way up to federal drug crime offenses. We have successfully handled thousands of cases in the past, and we are ready to take on your case today as well!

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