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Sex Crimes

Palm Beach Sex Crime Attorney

The consequences of a sex crime conviction should not be underestimated. Often, the penalties of being formally convicted for a crime that is sexual in nature are just as harsh - if not more so - than those incurred in any other type of federal criminal offense. If allegations of sexual misconduct have been made against you then there should be no question as to your need for a skillful attorney from Parks & Braxton, PA. We have seen a number of criminally accused individuals fall prey to the circumstantial consequences acquired when an adequate defense lawyer is not by their side to represent the case.

Whether or not you are truly guilty of the crimes for which you have been accused and whether or not you feel that sentencing may be too harsh, you stand a very real chance of being convicted of the sexual criminal allegation for which you have been convicted. Not only is it in your best interests to immediately seek the criminal defense skills of a professional in the field, failing to do so could prove to be detrimental to your case. You have a constitutional right to legal representation under the law, and you should not forego this right under any circumstances.

Types of Sex Crimes in Florida

Rape is the forcing of a sexual act on a person who doesn't give consent. Criminal allegations of this nature are prosecuted to the full extent of the law in Florida, and those who are convicted of this crime are labeled as rapists. Even an accusation of rape can have a lasting impact on your relationships and reputation regardless of whether you are convicted, and it is wise to contact a sex crime attorney from the moment you learn of your charges.

Child Pornography
This offense is typically an internet crime, although it doesn't have to be online. Child pornography involves the sexual exploitation of minors (under 18) by depicting sexually explicit activities in a photograph, film or video. Possessing, distributing and selling child pornography is a serious sex crime in Florida that will be punished by jail time, fines, and also registration as a national sex offender. Depending on the situation, you may be charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense for child pornography.

Sex with a Minor
The proper term for this offense is "statutory rape" and it is defined by law as committing sexual acts with an individual who is under the age of consent. Sexual intercourse with a minor under the age of 18 will result in criminal charges regardless of whether or not the sexual act is consensual, and is sometimes referred to as "statutory rape" by prosecutors. There does not have to be any force, physical violence, or coercion of any sort involved in the majority of these cases.

Any provision of sexual acts for monetary compensation is considered prostitution. This is illegal in Florida and all U.S. states with the exception of Nevada, and prostitution cases can result in a jail sentence of less than a year. Prostitution laws can implicate the person who provides the sexual acts in return for money, and the person who receives the sexual act as a favor for the money, and a conviction of this nature will result in mandatory registration as a national sex offender.

Child Molestation
Child molestation charges involve intercourse or any act driven by sexual motives against a child. Those who are convicted of this charge are labeled sex offenders and will be forced to register in the national sex offender registry. The implications of child molestation are so severe that you must take action to protect your rights from the moment you learn of your charges. Your entire future is on the line, and you cannot afford to underestimate the charges brought against you.

Indecent Exposure
It is a crime under state law to purposefully display one's genitals in a public area, especially when you do so to intentionally harm or offend those who are nearby. Indecent exposure can also be committed with sexual motives and can also include the solicitation of sexual acts. This crime is typically conducted in a public place and you will be forced to register a sexual offender if you are convicted of these charges.

Fighting Sex Crime Allegations in Palm Beach

At Parks & Braxton, PA we are prepared to take on the allegations that have been made against you. No matter how big or small they may seem if sexual allegations of any nature have been made in your name you are facing potentially serious consequences and you should not wait to seek legal representation in your defense. Whether you have been accused of rape or you are suspected of prostitution, you will require sound legal defense that can employ effective strategies to free you from the consequences that a guilty sentence would bring. We know what these methods are; in fact, we have spent much of our professional careers perfecting the defense methods utilized in cases of this nature. If you have been charged with child molestation, child pornography, or sex with a minor you cannot afford to go unrepresented in the court of law. We are here to make sure that you do not have to. Out services are available to the clients we represent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including nights, weekends and holidays.

Making the decision to align yourself with an attorney from our firm could prove to be the best thing you ever do for yourself. Being convicted of a sex is a serious offense that will result in mandated registration as a national sex offender. This statement is true whether you are charged with indecent exposure, internet crimes, or something else. Sex crime offenses are sentences that will undoubtedly follow you for the rest of your life, and your only chance of freeing yourself from this label is by taking action now to prevent a conviction from being made in the future. That being said, you need to act fast. This is not a situation in which waiting will do you any good. If anything, it could stand to hurt your case substantially. Instead, you should immediately take action to secure a legal professional that can assist in the defense of your case. By contacting Parks & Braxton, PA, you will be proactively taking steps to ensure that the negative consequences of a sex crime conviction are not unnecessarily applied to your case.

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