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Sex With a Minor

Sex with a Minor Charges in Palm Beach

Criminal Attorney Defending Sex Crimes in Florida

Whether or not it is consensual, engaging in sexual intercourse with a minor under the age of 18 is a criminal offense. In fact, it is classified as a sex crime and punished accordingly. Sadly, most cases that involve charges of sex with a minor, sometimes referred to as "statutory rape," are far from actual situations of rape. More often than not, these are consensual acts conducted between one adult and another consenting minor. No force, physical violence, or coercion of any sort is involved in the majority of these cases. The only criminal act behind allegations of this nature is the fact that one of the individuals does not meet the socially accepted and legally determined age requirement. However, according to state and federal laws, this one fact is more than enough to make an arrest and conviction.

In most cases, sex with a minor will be charged as a felony offense. Individuals convicted of statutory rape will be sentenced to potential prison time, fines, and mandatory registration as a sex offender. Penalties for these crimes will be determined based on the ages of both the "victim" and the "offender," with large age gaps incurring a harsher set of penalties than age gaps that are relatively small in proportion. Other extenuating circumstances that could influence the consequences incurred in a conviction are past criminal convictions (regardless of whether or not they are sexual in nature) as well as the general jurisdiction of the court presiding over the case.

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