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Palm Beach Local Arrested for Stealing Pills from Mom

Palm Beach Local Arrested for Stealing Pills from Mom

Posted By Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 7-Mar-2013

A 50-year-old mom was recently arrested at Palm Beach International Airport after he tried to go through security carrying hundreds of prescription pills that he stole from his mother. According to The Palm Beach Post, the middle-aged man was stopped at security when they discovered a massive amount of hydrocodone in his bag. He was charged with trafficking the prescription drug and was also accused of possessing the controlled substance without a prescription to do so.

When he was interrogated, the offender admitted that he had stolen the medication from his mother, a Lake Worth resident, who allegedly takes the pills because of a severe medical condition. The middle-aged man says that he was on his way home to New York when he was taken into custody and he just wanted to catch his plane. He has been cooperating with deputies since the bottles were confiscated and admitted that his mother was not aware that he had taken her medication and that he did not have a prescription which warranted him to use the medicine. The bottles did not have any labels on them.

When the contents were unloaded, the local sheriff’s office discovered 263 oxycodone/acetaminophen pills, 60 hydrocodone pills, 371 acetaminophen/proxyphene pills and another 359 alprazolam pills. The offender was allegedly planning to bring the pills back to his home where he wanted to sell them. He was hoping that he could get a profit from the pills and benefit off of them. He will now be prosecuted for stealing the pills, trafficking them, and carrying them without any prescription or right to do so.

If you have been arrested in connection with a prescription drug crime like this one, you need a criminal defense attorney on your side. Maybe you were framed, or did not realize that the pills were considered a controlled substance. If you need assistance in your case, Parks & Braxton are here to help. Hire these Palm Beach criminal defense lawyers promptly for more information.


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