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Palm Beach Principal on Leave After DUI Arrest

Palm Beach Principal on Leave After DUI Arrest

Posted By Posted By Parks & Braxton || 30-Aug-2012

Sharon Robinson Stevens is supposed to be an example to the hundreds of children that are at her school, but her arrest on Friday night for driving under the influence may have ruined her reputation. The Palm Beach County School District says that they are looking into the matter at present, and believe that they won’t allow the principal to assume her position.

The woman was driving a four-door, green Toyota sedan when she ran her car into a curb in Palm Beach. While the accident only involved a one-foot cement wall, the car was not drivable after it collided with the curb. The woman identified herself to a police sergeant who came to help, and said that she was the principal of Palm Beach Public School.

The police officer investigating the accident realized the Stevens was not sober, and arrested her. He reported that she had slurred speech and her breath smelled strongly of an alcoholic beverage. She was taken to the Palm Beach County Jail after it was proven that she registered a .19 on her two breathalyzer tests. This is more than twice the legal alcoholic limit, which is only .08. The woman was booked in the jail at just after midnight on Saturday, and was released from jail later that morning. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement was able to confirm that this was Stevens’ first arrest.

Her affidavit says that she was confused at the time of the arrest, and did not even know that she hit a curb. The woman could not walk a straight line during her field sobriety tests, and kept asking the police “What happened and what’s wrong?” Stevens admitted that she had had a drink and a half that night. If you were arrested for a DUI then you will want excellent representation to come alongside you during your case. This is because the results of your case will not only determine your sentence, but can affect aspects of your personal life like your job and relationships. Talk to a lawyer Parks & Braxton today to secure representation!

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