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Football Season Leads to Loyal Fan Violence

Football Season Leads to Loyal Fan Violence

Posted By Posted By Parks & Braxton || 11-Sep-2012

Some people tend to take sports too far, as was evidenced in Palm Beach, Florida this week. With the advent of the 2012-2013 football season, many men and women are getting out their team jerseys and organizing Monday night football parties so that they can keep up with the unfolding sports story. At the beginning of the season, loyal fans faithfully watch their team, hoping to see them succeed.

On Monday, football fans came to Applebee’s, where televisions in the bar area were broadcasting the games of the night. Allegedly, a Baltimore Ravens fan sat at the bar, cackling at the Cincinnati Bengals when they lost 44-13. Nearby, a loyal Bengals fan felt offended by the snickering, and approached the Ravens fan, punching him in the face. The Bengals fan then left the bar, seething.

The police arrived on the scene shortly after and gathered that he Bengals fan had punched the Ravens fan in the face because of team loyalty. The manager of the restaurant said that Bennett, the Ravens fan, was very loud and was shouting during the game. Several times, waiters and waitresses had to ask the boisterous fan to quiet down so that others could enjoy their meals. The manager told the police that the Bengals fan had heard enough, which is why he punched the man.

Bennett was shocked, but didn’t want to prosecute. While it is not a major offense, punching another individual can often be considered physical battery. If you have been charged with physical battery in Florida, even a simple charge can come with up to two months in prison and a $500 fine. Talk to a criminal defense attorney right away if you have been charged with physical battery and need help to combat your charges, then talk to a lawyer at Parks & Braxton for representation!


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