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FBI on the Lookout for Suspects in Citibank Robbery

FBI on the Lookout for Suspects in Citibank Robbery

Posted By Posted By Parks and Braxton || 7-Aug-2012

On August 2nd, 2012, a man burst into a Citibank in the Fort Lauderdale area and demanded the cash in the room. In a classic bank robbery attempt, the man demanded money from a flustered employee, who handed him an unknown amount of cash. The man fled the scene with the money in hand and no one was injured at the bank. The bank robber was caught on a low-quality surveillance camera, but has yet to be found.

According to the FBI report, the robber is about six-feet tall and is mostly bald. On the day of the robbery he was wearing a white, shirt-sleeved, buttoned-down shirt that had two pockets. He was also wearing dark pants and had sunglasses propped on his head. Because he did not hide his face with a mask, one might assume that it would be easy to find this man. Yet the low, fuzzy pixilation on the security camera has left the FBI with a much obscured image of the offender.

The FBI is urging local residents to contact their security center with any information about the identity or location of the bank robber. While this may help to put the guilty behind bars, it also puts out the danger of a false arrest. There are dozens of bald six-foot-tall men in Fort Lauderdale who may be suspected of a crime that they never committed. If you have been arrested because you are a lookalike to a wanted criminal, then you need criminal defense lawyers who can help to get you out of this terrifying situation. Talk to someone at Parks & Braxton today if you need defense to avoid charges that you aren’t guilty of. It’s never fair to be charged of a crime you didn’t commit, and we will work hard to prove that the courts have the wrong man or woman in custody.

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