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Understanding Your Options

Understanding Your Options

How a Miami Traffic Lawyer Could Help You

A traffic ticket or traffic violation can be a stressful and difficult thing to face. There are many different ways to receive a traffic ticket, and many harsh and severe penalties that can come with conviction. Most often, a traffic ticket comes with a fine, one number on a piece of paper that must be paid off to make the ticket go away. Unfortunately even if you pay the ticket, it does not always go away, it will go on your driving record. To most people, paying the ticket is the only option, if the ticket is not paid, there will be even more serious consequences. This is not the case. Before you pay your traffic ticket you must be informed that you have options that do not involve paying the ticket.

Parks & Braxton: The Power to Fight. The Knowledge to Win.

At Parks & Braxton, PA we know the problems that people face when charged with traffic violations. The advantage we have is that we know how to fight these tickets, we know the options you have. If you have been charged with a traffic violation, or you have received a traffic ticket, then you will need the help of a Miami traffic ticket attorney from our firm in order to fight your ticket. Our firm has had over 50 years of combined experience in these legal matters, we know how to argue a motion to dismissal, we have done it before and we can do it again. No matter what the circumstances are, we commit to providing you with a comprehensive and skillful representation of your case. There is no evidence that cannot be fought; we have successfully handled thousands of cases. Our lawyers have the power to fight and the knowledge to win; it is to your benefit to utilize the experience and knowledge of our firm. We are available to be reached 24/7, including nights, weekends and holidays.

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