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Traffic Light Violations

Miami Traffic Light Ticket Lawyer

Traffic Light Violations

One of the most common traffic violation tickets issued by Florida law enforcement officers today is a violation of a traffic control device such as a traffic light. Traffic lights are used in the place of stop signs to better regulate heavier traffic in larger metropolitan areas as well as others. Traffic lights help maintain the safety of pedestrians as well as other drivers.

Running a red light is common in Florida, and tickets are routinely issued to violators. Although there is seeming clarity of the traffic laws in Florida as they pertain to traffic lights as well as other traffic control devices such as school crossings and walk signals, as in most cases, there are exceptions to the rules. For instance, avoiding a motor vehicle collision, or a pedestrian is a justifiable reason to violate a traffic control device, however the law enforcement officer and/or the court may not see it as such.

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