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Residents of Florida are required to register their vehicle every year. When they fail to do so or allow their registration to expire, they could be facing harsh penalties. According to Chapter 320 of Title XXIII of the Florida Statutes, a registration or a car or motor home expires at midnight on the last day of the registration. If the registration has expired, the owner is not allowed to drive it until it has been renewed. There are some cases where the vehicle can have a two year registration period, so it is important to know which category you fall under.

The penalties for driving with an expired registration depend on how long the registration was expired. Six months or less is cited as a noncriminal infraction. However, if the person has already been cited for the same offense and has allowed their registration to go un-renewed for over six months, they could be found guilty of a second degree misdemeanor. However, if a mobile home belonging to an active service member had its registration expire while they were away on active duty, the penalties will be waived.

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