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Driving Record

Protecting Your Driving Record

Are you at risk for license suspension or other penalties?

Your driving record is a very important document that must not be wrongly affected. Your driving record records moving violation convictions, medical restrictions (such as glasses), suspension history, how long you have been licensed to drive, license class and status, and other conditions such as no night driving. Traffic tickets are the most common negative mark on a driving record. Any moving violation, however small, is still a moving violation and if you pay the fine, or fight it in court and you are found guilty, it will show up on your record.

This is all very important information that must be 100% accurate, if it is not, it can prevent you from employment, it can affect your auto-insurance premium in a very negative way, and it can lead to other issues. Unfortunately it is possible for mistakes to be made regarding your driving record. There can be communication errors between departments that end up affecting your record, even if you handled the ticket so that it would not appear on your record. It is important to know that there are a few ways to keep points from showing up on your driving record, such as traffic school instead of paying a ticket.

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At Parks & Braxton, PA we understand the need for a clean driving record; some people's careers depend on a clean record. If you have received a traffic ticket and you need your record to remain clean, then you will benefit from our lawyers' knowledge. The attorneys at our firm have over 50 years of combined experience in these legal matters; we have the power to fight and the knowledge to win. A Palm Beach traffic attorney from o ur firm is available to be contacted 24/7, nights, weekends, and holidays, we have successfully handled thousands of cases, and we can handle your case.

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