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Multiple DUI

Defense for Multiple DUI Charges

Palm Beach DUI Lawyer Defending Second, Third & Fourth Offenses

Under Florida law, the penalties incurred for a DUI offense will increase as the number of offenses increases. This means that multiple convictions will result in a harsher set of penalties than a first-time conviction would. A first-time conviction for driving under the influence will result in no less than $500 for a BAC (blood alcohol content) level of .08. For a second-time offense the penalties will be no less than $1,000, and the money owed increases substantially as the blood alcohol level increases.

For a BAL of .15 or higher, no less than $2,000 will be owed, and as much as $4,000 could be due. The same is true if a minor is in the vehicle at the time of the DUI arrest. Third- time convictions that occur at least ten years from the time of the second conviction will also incur fines of no less than $2,000 and could be as much as $5,000. For persons with a BAL of .15 or higher or those who are carrying a minor in the vehicle, no less than $4,000 will be charged. Fourth-time offenses and beyond will cost the defendant at least $2,000. And these are just the fines.

Multiple DUI convictions could also lead to prison time, with second-time convictions incurring up to nine months in jail, third-time convictions incurring no less than 30 days and up to 12 months, and fourth-time convictions incurring up to five years. A conviction of a third, second or fourth DUI will mean that the defendant is not just at risk for jail time, but that they are facing the very real possibility of mandatory sentences as set by the state. Time served could be increased based on the blood alcohol level of the arrestee as well as if a minor was in the car at the time.

Impoundment of your car is also a very real possibility, and the more convictions you have, the more days your car will be impounded. With all DUI convictions, the consequences stand to significantly increase as the number of offenses increases, so it is imperative that you address a DUI arrest as soon as possible, especially if the arrest is not your first. A Palm Beach criminal attorney from our firm can help you take on the DUI charges that were made in your name and work to prevent another conviction from being made.

Palm Beach DUI Attorney: Dedicated to the Art of Defending a DUI Case

The laws speak for themselves, and the facts don't lie: The more DUI convictions you have, the more serious your penalties will be. As DUI attorneys in the state of Florida, no one understands this better than the associates at our firm. We have spent a good deal of our careers perfecting the art of challenging DUI law, and our efforts have not been in vain. We have successfully handled thousands of cases, many of them involving charges of driving under the influence. When you have been charged with DUI and it is not your first offense, you should not wait to obtain legal action in your defense, and we are here to help you obtain the successful case outcome you are looking for.

Don't wait to contact a Palm Beach DUI lawyer from our firm as soon as possible after an arrest has been made for a second, thi rd or fourth offense. We can take your call 24 / 7.

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