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Are you facing a minor misdemeanor to a major felony DUI charge in West Palm Beach? You shouldn’t have to go through this challenging time alone. DUI charges have a devastating potential to impact your ability to live a normal life. The consequences for this offense can terminate your driving privileges, force you to pay thousands of dollars in fines, or even spend time in jail or prison.

In the State of Florida, it is imperative to have a legal representative that can fight for your rights. Florida has some of the toughest penalties and very strict laws; more than other states. If you’re charged with a crime in Palm Beach County, an experienced West Palm Beach DUI Lawyer can examine the charge and the evidence against you and let you know where you stand. Let’s talk about various levels of offenses and the standard process for each level.


As a first time DUI offender in Palm Beach County, you may qualify for the Palm Beach County

First Time DUI Offender Program. The Palm Beach County’s diversion program usually includes drug or alcohol counseling and testing, and community service, although each case will have different requirements based on the extent of the charge. Once you enter the program, the DUI charge will be dropped, and you must plead guilty to reckless driving. Reckless driving is a second-degree misdemeanor. You will also be placed on probation for a total of twelve months.

Upon successful completion of the Palm Beach County First Time DUI Offender pre-trial diversion program, no points will be added to your driver’s license. However, if you do not complete the program, you will be found guilty of driving under the influence. You may also be sentenced to serve ninety days in the Palm Beach County Jail.

Everyone may not qualify for the Palm Beach County First Time DUI Offender Program. Consult with a qualified West Palm Beach DUI Lawyer to find out if you qualify for the program. You cannot be a participant in the program if:

  • The DUI charge involved a traffic accident.

  • Minors or animals were present when the vehicle was stopped.

  • You have committed a similar offense in the past.

  • Your driver’s license was not valid when you were stopped.

  • You’ve served time in prison for any criminal conviction.

  • Your facing any drug, felony, or paraphernalia charge along with the DUI charge.

  • You have previously been in a diversion program, excluding juvenile diversion.


Anyone who has been arrested for driving under the influence faces serious consequences. The State legislature is determined to prevent repeat occurrences. Therefore, penalties for a repeat drunk driving offense are far tougher than those for a first-time arrest. If you are convicted, you would be subjected to a harsh sentence which could have negative repercussions throughout your life.

If you have been charged with multiple DUI convictions, it is vital that you seek the help of an experienced DUI lawyer as soon as possible. Criminal charges are serious, so you need a West Palm Beach DUI lawyer that you can trust. A West Palm Beach DUI lawyer knows which specific questions to ask, and may be able to lower your penalties, or even help you be acquitted of your charges.


At Parks and Braxton, PA, we are an aggressive and prominent firm located throughout the State of Florida. With over 50 years of experience, our firm is top rated with a proven track record of success on even the most challenging criminal cases. Our seasoned attorneys have represented thousands of clients facing DUI charges. You don't have to face your charge alone. Call us now to get a free case evaluation! Your case will be given full attention to detail from the moment you contact our law firm.

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