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Drivers License Suspension

Driver's License Suspension in Palm Beach

How a DUI Attorney Can Help Prevent Suspension of Your Driver's License

If you have been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in the state of Florida then you will be expected to adhere to the state's regulating laws regarding DUI offenses. One of the legal stipulations for DUI offenders is possible suspension or revocation of the suspect's driver's license. In fact, offenders who blow a .08% or higher on their BAC reading could very likely have their license suspended for a six month period, as determined by the state's Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. After an arrest, you will be required to attend a DHSMV hearing in which Florida DHSMV officials will review your case and allow you the opportunity to possibly reinstate your license. In fact, this may be the only opportunity you will have to get your license back after an arrest and formal charges have been made. Therefore, you need to act quickly in securing a Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer that can help you retain legal permission to drive.

The circumstances specific to your case could affect whether or not suspension of your driver's license is made. However, even if a DUI arrest has threatened your right to drive, it is still possible to get it back through a formal review hearing. Individuals who refused a breath & blood test, as well as those whose license has been suspended on prior occasions can still fight their most recent suspension with the help of an associate at our firm. We have successfully represented hundreds of driver's license review cases and we are ready to tackle yours next, so you should not wait to contact an attorney from Parks & Braxton, PA to learn more about how we can actively work to make sure that you do not lose your driving privileges after an arrest for intoxicated driving has been made.

Palm Beach DUI Lawyer: Protecting Your Driving Privileges

For more than 50 years combined, our team has been aggressively representing the cases of the criminally accused in the state of Florida. Our knowledge in the field of criminal defense has been utilized by social news feeds throughout the nation, including NBC, Fox News, CBS, and much more. Driving under the influence in a serious criminal allegation; as such, we provide serious legal support for matters of this nature. There are very specific defense methods that can be employed in attempts to prevent you from losing your driving privilege s in a formal suspension of your license, and our firm wrote the book on how to employ these to the benefit of the clients we represent. You have a very limited time to act after being arrested for DUI in Florida (oftentimes, only ten days), so the sooner you call an associate from our firm for defense in your case, the better your chances will be of obtaining positive results.

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